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for contacts with lighthouses and lightships worldwide.

This diploma issued by OZ7DAL may be claimed by any call, individual,
club or special event station.
A QSL received by a club or special call ALSO counts for the operator's
personal application if his/her name or call is obvious from the QSL.
The award does NOT have to be worked from a single location, county or
continent – So it is OK also to hunt LIGHT-stations from the holyday QTH
or its local club station.

QSL for ctc with OZ7DAL made on any 25 March, is a "JOKER" and count
for any otherwise required contact.

Contact amateur stations duly authorized to operate from active or inactive
lighthouses or lightships anywhere in the world on or after 25 Mar. 1994.
The possibility of electronic interference may prevent amateur radio
transmissions directly from the premises, since they are often used as
transmission or relay points for many kind of communications. For that reason,
authorized operations from a location within the lighthouse premises
or up to 300-400 yards away are valid for the diploma.
Direct contacts with minimum RS(T) 33(8) on any band or mode.
Cross mode/-band QSO’s are OK.

Please note, that a Lighthouse QSL (ex. from an IOTA expedition)
NOT necessarily indicates, that the operation complies with the rules
for this Diploma.

SWL applications are accepted and SWL’s need only send a list of stations heard.
Amateurs with VHF/UHF permission are encouraged to apply with a mix of SWL and QSL's
QSLs must reflect QTH (photo QSL, official stamp on QSL or similar).
A list showing details of contacts should be certified by 2 officials
of your radio club or 2 licensed amateurs. If this is not possible,
then the actual cards must be sent to sponsor together with sufficient
IRC’s for their return. OX, OY, OZ stations apply direct to OZ7DAL with
QSLs and sufficient postage for their return.
The sponsor reserves the right to call for the applicant to submit any
or all of the cards listed on the application. Diploma can be claimed
only if the contacts are made/heard over a period of MORE than 7 days.

When is OZ7DAL QRV? See “MANNING” www.oz7dal.dk
NOTE - All amateurs are very welcome to activate OZ7DAL when visiting
the museum and OZ7DAL is manned.

Requirements are made to allow the novice to obtain the diploma and also
be a challenge to the DXer.

The basis diploma is 4-colour print, Europ. size A4.
Upgrades are glued in and complete the design.

The basis diploma comes with a Lighthouse pin for your lapel.
See the diploma: www.oz7dal.dk

National / basic - 7 contacts anywhere in the world — OZ7DAL is mandatory.


1. Continental - additional 8 contacts, new total 15.
Minimum 4 countries.

2. Bi-Continental - additional 5 contacts, new total 20.
Minimum 6 countries in 2 continents.

3. Tri-Continental - additional 5 contacts, new total 25.
Minimum 8 countries in 3 continents.

4. World Wide - additional 5 contacts, new total 30.
Minimum 10 countries in 4 continents.

5. World Wide Extra - additional 5 contacts, new total 35.
Minimum 15 countries in 5 continents.

6. Excellence - additional 15 contacts, new total 50.
Minimum 20 countries in all 6 continents.

Fee is: 13 IRC’s, $US9.50 or 11.50€ or DKK60.
Upgrade: SAE plus 3 IRC’s, $US2, 2.50€ or DKK15 per upgrade.
If (when..) postage goes up, so does the fee for National/basic.
Upgrades remain unchanged.

E-mail: fam.eriksen@ofir.dk Web: