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Danish Island Award

The award:
The award is sponsored by DDXG Danish DX Group, per 20.-03.-2005.
The purpose with this award is to intensify the DX activity.
The award is available to all licensed radio amateurs and short
wave listeners that have make proof to have contacted or heard QSO
with danish island after the rules.

The islands:

In Denmark we have a lot of islands. They can be divided i 6 groups,
of which some have status as IOTA-islands. The 6 goups are:

EU-029 Sjaelland Archipilago
EU-030 Islands in the Baltic Sea
EU-088 Islands in the northern part of Kattegat
EU-125 Islands in the North Sea
EU-171 Nordjylland and the islands in Limfjorden
EU-172 Jylland East and Fyn group

As supplement you will find a list of the danish islands

The rules:

All QSO's after january 1. 1997 are valid. You can use all bands or modes.
A QSO via a repeater does NO- count.

The award is issued in three classes.
1. Basic-award. You must have confirmed QSO or SWL with 5 island-groups.
2. Junior-award. You must have confirmed QSO's with 10 different
islands in all 6


3. Master-award. You must have confirmed QSO's with 25 different
islands in all 6


The basic award can be upgraded with stickers to junior og master class.

The prices:
The price for the award is 50 DKR, or 10$US .
The award can be seen on the homepage of DDXG www.ddxg.dk

The price for the stickers is 50 DKR

The application:
Send GCR-list and payment to:
Award Manager OZ1ACB
or asking Allis on email oz1acb@wiland.dk

The Danish Island Award DIA

Denmark consists of Jylland and a lot of large and small islands.
They can be divided into 6 groups. The 6 groups are:
EU-029 Sjaelland Archipelago
EU-030 Islands in the Baltic Sea
EU-088 Islands in the northern part of Kattegat
EU-125 Islands in the North Sea
EU-171 Nordjylland and the islands in Limfjorden
EU-172 Jylland North group

The intention with this list is to register all danish islands of a
certain size after a fixed pattern. Two letters have been chosen,
indicating what part of the country, the island belongs to. Three
digits gives the island a number inside the part of the country.

The two letters are used in this way:
SJ The islands around Sjaelland
FY The islands around Fyn
JY The islands along the east coast of Jylland
BO The islands around Bornholm
NK The islands in the northern part of Kattegat
NS The islands in the North Sea
NJ Nordjylland and the islands in Limfjorden
The list is NO- complete. An example is Ertholmene EU-030.
This island group consist of at least four small islands: Christiansoe,
Frederiksoe, Graesholm and Tat. But in the way the list is made,
new islands can easily be added.
References: TIMES Atlas of the World 1994 page 53 Latitude and longitude
is around the center of the islands.

SJ-001 IOTA EU-029 Sjaelland 11°45 E 55°37 N

SJ-002 IOTA EU-029 Amager 12°36 E 55°37 N

SJ-003 IOTA EU-029 Saltholm 12°45 E 55°37 N

SJ-004 IOTA EU-029 Hesseloe 11°42 E 56°11 N

SJ-005 IOTA EU-029 Eskilsoe 12°41 E 55°44 N

SJ-006 IOTA EU-029 Sejeroe 11°88 E 55°53 N

SJ-007 IOTA EU-029 Nekseloe 11°17 E 55°46 N

SJ-008 IOTA EU-029 Oroe 11°48 E 55°46 N

SJ-009 IOTA EU-029 Sprogoe 10°58 E 55°19 N

SJ-010 IOTA EU-029 Omoe 11°09 E 55°09 N

SJ-011 IOTA EU-029 Agersoe 11°11 E 55°12 N

SJ-012 IOTA EU-029 Ormoe 11°17 E 55°12 N

SJ-013 IOTA EU-029 Glaenoe 11°26 E 55°11 N

SJ-014 IOTA EU-029 Musholm 11°41 E 55°28 N

SJ-015 IOTA EU-029 Lolland 11°22 E 55°43 N

SJ-016 IOTA EU-029 Falster 11°56 E 54°50 N

SJ-017 IOTA EU-029 Moen 12°17 E 54°58 N

SJ-018 IOTA EU-029 Vejroe 11°21 E 55°02 N

SJ-019 IOTA EU-029 Femoe 11°32 E 54°58 N

SJ-020 IOTA EU-029 Fejoe 11°24 E 54°56 N

SJ-021 IOTA EU-029 Raagoe 11°18 E 54°58 N

SJ-022 IOTA EU-029 Askoe 11°32 E 54°45 N

SJ-023 IOTA EU-029 Bogoe 12°03 E 54°55 N

SJ-024 IOTA EU-029 Taeroe 12°03 E 54°57 N

SJ-025 IOTA EU-029 Enehoeje 11°01 E 54°50 N

SJ-026 IOTA EU-029 Nyord 12°12 E 55°2 N

SJ-027 IOTA EU-029 Gavnoe 11°42 E 55°11 N

SJ-028 IOTA EU-029 Enoe 11°39 E 55°10 N

SJ-029 IOTA EU-029 Dybsoe 11°43 E 55°8 N

SJ-030 IOTA EU-029 Langoe north of Oeoe 11°61 E 55°48 N

Deleted IOTA EU-029 Faroe Connected with SJ-023 11°59 E 54°57 N

SJ-032 IOTA EU-029 Elleore 12°04 E 55°41 N

SJ-033 IOTA EU-029 Masnedoe 11°53 E 54°59 N

SJ-034 IOTA EU-029 Vigsoe 11°38 E 54°54 N

SJ-035 IOTA EU-029 Slotoe 11°04 E 54°50 N

SJ-036 IOTA EU-029 Vejloe 11°03 E 54°50 N

SJ-037 IOTA-EU-029 Skaloe 11°22 E 54°58 N

SJ-038 IOTA-EU-029 Nordholm 11°05 E 55°29 N

SJ-039 IOTA-EU-029 Roennen 11°04 E 55°31 N

SJ-040 IOTA-EU-029 Lindholm 11°48 E 55°44 N

SJ-041 IOTA-EU-029 Roenoe 11°50 E 55°44 N

SJ-042 IOTA-EU-029 Langoe south of Oroe 11°48 E 55°44 N

SJ-043 IOTA-EU-029 Oeksneholm 12°06 E 55°52 N

SJ-044 IOTA-EU-029 Alholm 11°53 E 55°54 N

SJ-045 IOTA-EU-029 Jyllinge Holme 12°04 E 55°45 N

SJ-046 IOTA-EU-029 Lilleoe 12°05 E 55°45 N

SJ-047 IOTA-EU-029 Studeholm 12°04 E 55°43 N

SJ-048 NO-IOTA Langoe 12°07 E 54°58 N

SJ-049 NO-IOTA Roennen 11°43 E 55°44 N

SJ-050 NO-IOTA Kaareholm 11°03 E 54°49 N

BO-001 IOTA EU-030 Bornholm 14°53 E 55°70 N

BO-002 IOTA EU-030 Christiansoe 15°11 E 55°19 N

BO-003 IOTA EU-030 Frederiksoe 15°11 E 55°19 N

FY-001 IOTA EU-172 Fyn 10°28 E 55°14 N

FY-002 IOTA EU-172 Brandsoe 9°42 E 55°21 N

FY-003 IOTA EU-172 Baagoe 9°48 E 55°18 N

FY-004 IOTA EU-172 Illum, Horsehoved and Vigoe 10°06 E 55°08 N

FY-005 IOTA EU-172 Faenoe 9°41 E 55°29 N

FY-006 IOTA EU-172 Aebeloe, Draeet and Ejlinge 10°10 E 55°38 N

FY-007 IOTA EU-172 Toroe 9°58 E 55°15 N

FY-008 IOTA EU-172 Romsoe 10°47 E 55°30 N

FY-009 IOTA EU-172 Lyoe 10°09 E 55°02 N

FY-010 IOTA EU-172 Avernakoe 10°15 E 55°02 N

FY-011 IOTA EU-172 Drejoe 10°24 E 54°58 N

FY-012 IOTA EU-172 Skaroe 10°28 E 55°00 N

FY-013 IOTA EU-172 Hjortoe 10°29 E 54°57 N

FY-014 IOTA EU-172 Aeroe 10°23 E 54°52 N

FY-015 IOTA EU-172 Taasinge 10°35 E 55°00 N

FY-016 IOTA EU-172 Thuroe 10°41 E 55°2 N

FY-017 IOTA EU-172 Strynoe 10°36 E 54°54 N

FY-018 IOTA EU-172 Birkholm 10°30 E 54°55 N

FY-019 IOTA EU-172 Langeland 10°46 E 54°56 N

FY-020 IOTA EU-172 Bjoernoe 10°15 E 55°3 N

FY-021 IOTA EU-172 Sioe 10°41 E 54°57 N

FY-022 IOTA EU-172 Vigelsoe 10°27 E 55°28 N

FY-023 IOTA EU-172 Svelmoe (Big and Little) 10°19 E 55°2 N

FY-024 IOTA EU-172 Helnaes 10°00 E 55°08 N

FY-025 IOTA EU-172 Langoe 10°41 E 54°52 N

FY-026 IOTA EU-172 Frederiksoe 10°37 E 55°04 N

JY-001 NO-IOTA Als 9°55 E 54°58 N

JY-002 IOTA EU-172 Barsoe 9°33 E 55°7 N

JY-003 IOTA EU-172 Aaroe 9°44 E 55°15 N

JY-004 NO-IOTA Store Okseoe 9°30 E 54°51 N

JY-005 NO-IOTA Lille Okseoe 9°30 E 54°51 N

JY-006 IOTA EU-172 Endelave 10°18 E 55°45 N

JY-007 IOTA EU-172 Hjarnoe 10°05 E 55°49 N

JY-008 IOTA EU-172 Samsoe 10°36 E 55°51 N

JY-009 IOTA EU-172 Tunoe 10°25 E 55°57 N

JY-010 NO-IOTA Alroe 10°03 E 55°51 N

JY-011 IOTA EU-172 Hjelm 10°48 E 56°08 N

JY-012 IOTA EU-172 Vejroe 10°45 E 55°56 N

JY-013 NO-IOTA Store Rotholm 09°11 E 56°42 N

JY-014 NO-IOTA Kalvoe 09°28 E 55°07 N

Nordlige Kattegat
NK-001 IOTA EU-088 Anholt 11°34 E 56°42 N

NK-002 Deleted Transfered til NJ-009

NK-003 IOTA EU-088 Laesoe 11°01 E 57°16 N

NK-004 IOTA EU-088 Nordre Roenner 10°55 E 57°21 N

NK-005 IOTA EU-088 Hornfiskroen 11°01 E 57°12 N

NK-006 IOTA EU-088 Borfeld 10°54 E 57°21 N

NK-007 IOTA EU-088 Soendre Roenner 10°55 E 57°11 N

NJ-001 IOTA EU-171 Nordjylland 9°56 E 57°15 N

NJ-002 IOTA EU-171 Mors 8°44 E 56°48 N

NJ-003 IOTA EU-171 Fur 9°01 E 56°49 N

NJ-004 IOTA EU-171 Egholm 9°50 E 57°40 N

NJ-005 NO-IOTA Venoe 8°37 E 56°33 N

NJ-006 IOTA EU-171 Jegindoe 8°37 E 55°51 N

NJ-007 IOTA EU-171 Livoe 9°05 E 56°53 N

NJ-008 IOTA EU-171 Lindholm 8°32 E 56°42 N

NJ-009 IOTA EU-171 Hirsholm 10°36 E 57°29 N

NJ-010 IOTA EU-171 Fruens Holm 9°47 E 57°05 N

NJ-011 IOTA EU-171 Troldholme 9°23 E 57°02 N

NJ-012 NO-IOTA Kyoe Holm/Vaar Holm 9°33 E 57°00 N

NJ-013 NO-IOTA Klosterholm 9°36 E 56°59 N

NJ-014 NO-IOTA Roenholm 9°36 E 57°01 N

NJ-015 IOTA EU-171 Tagholme 9°49 E 57°04 N

NJ-016 NO-IOTA Hornsgaard Holm 9°30 E 57°01 N

NJ-017 IOTA EU-171 Borreholm 9°15 E 56°59 N

NJ-018 IOTA EU-171 Ageroe 8°34 E 56°43 N

Nord Soeen
NS-001 IOTA EU-125 Roemoe 8°30 E 55°8 N

NS-002 IOTA EU-125 Fanoe 8°25 E 55°24 N

NS-003 IOTA EU-125 Mandoe 8°33 E 55°16 N

NS-004 NO-IOTA Langli 8°18 E 55°30 N

NS-005 IOTA EU-125 Jordsand 8° 32 E 55°01 N