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The Greenland award is issued by EDR.
The award is issued i 3 classes. You have to have confirmed connection with:

1. 15 different amateurs from 5 different locations
2. 10 different amateurs from 4 different locations
3. 5 different amateurs from 3 different locations

The award is issued to licenced amateurs either for 2xCW og Phone.
For SWL-amateurs the award is issued for either CW, Phone og Mixed.
All amateur-bands must be used. Each station counts once pr. band.
The minimum report should be 33 for Phone and 339 for CW.
Crossbands-connections do not count.

The fee for the award is 25 DKK, 4 IRC'er eller 4$ US.
For application send GCR-list and fee to Allis Andersen OZ1ACB.

Allis Andersen
Kagsaavej 34
DK-2860 Soeborg
Phone: +45 44 85 25 30
E-mail: oz1acb@wiland.dk