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FTTF, a little Union of Hams from Denmark special from the south of
Jylland and the island of Fyn, has published an award, which can be
applied for by all licensed Amaterur Radio Operators and SWL.
All contacts since 1980, january 1. counts for the award after the
rules mentioned below.

VHF: You are going to have 60 points
HF, class1: You are going to have 100 points
HF, class 2: You are going to have 50 points

On VHF every QSO with a danish county counts 10 points. QSO with a
member of FTTF counts 20 points.

On HF every QSO with ham from OZ counts 2 points. QSO with a member
of FTTF counts 20 points.

Following hams are member of FTTF:
QSO via repeater and crossmode is not allowed.
All awards will be numbered from number 001.
The fee for the award is 12 IRC'er, 7$ US or 40 DKK.
For apply for the award send GCR-list confirmed by two licenses
radio amateur and the fee to:

Grethe Heiberg OZ1DXX
Snedkervej 24, Box 3025
DK 6710 Esbjerg V

Counties in Denmark:

1. Koebenhavns amt (IOTA EU-029)
2. Frederiksborg amt (IOTA EU-029)
3. Roskilde amt (IOTA EU-029)
4. Vestsjaellands amt (IOTA EU-029)
5. Storstroems amt (IOTA EU-029)
6. Bornholms amt (IOTA EU-030)
7. Fyns amt (IOTA EU-029)
8. Sydjyllands amt
9. Ribe amt
10. Vejle amt
11. Ringkoebing amt
12. Aarhus amt
13. Viborg amt
14. Nordjyllands amt